Construction Management

Cintar Inc. offers Construction Management services that promote frequent and direct owner input. Our role is not to replace any other profession or craft, but to assist all involved in meeting their goals and to create an environment where all are working together as a team, on behalf of the owner. This team’s goal is to provide a project on time, within budget, and with the greatest value-to-cost ratio.

Some key services include:

  • Contract Review & Negotiations
  • Change Order Analysis
  • Construction Design Reviews
  • Bid Phase Management
  • Cost Estimating & Evaluations
  • Productivity Analysis
Cintar Inc. Construction Management Services Pittsburgh

The Construction Manager, from the inception of the project, is there to provide a cohesive planning and delivery effort and to act on the owner’s behalf.

We divide Construction Management into two main categories:

Planning, Design, and
Pre-Construction Phase

During this phase, the project’s scope and budget are defined. This is when the maximum value can be added to the project (energy efficiency, structural integrity, etc.).

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Construction & Delivery

During this phase, the Construction Manager assumes the leadership role delivering the project within the agreed upon plans, specifications, and budgets.

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Focus on Safety

Safety is the number one priority at Cintar. Our designs incorporate safety measures, and we have a Safety Manager who assists our clients in numerous ways. Our team stays abreast in what it takes to remain OSHA, MSHA, etc. Compliant. Our Publication, Cintar Connection, covers a broad range of safety topics.