Commercial / Institutional Industry

Cintar’s professional engineering services benefit Commercial/Institutional clients in limitless ways. Oftentimes, clients approach us for solutions that cross engineering disciplines. Our long history demonstrates fluidity and teamwork between our engineering departments.

Cintar’s A/E portfolio is diverse. It includes upgrades/additions to existing facilities, complete changes in occupancy and use of facilities, and new structures. The knowledge, skill, experience and customer commitment Cintar brings to every job is unmatched in the industry.

In addition, Cintar has an outstanding record providing Facility Designs for new buildings, renovations, and adaptive reuse of existing spaces. These include commercial offices, religious, retail, research and development, government, and industrial facilities.

Furthermore, Cintar’s professional offerings include feasibility studies, construction cost and schedule estimates and engineering/design. Additional services include specification services, bid and purchasing services and construction administration services.

Cintar Inc. Commercial/Institutional Services Pittsburgh

Offering a multidisciplinary project team with broad and successful experience in design for repairs, alterations, additions, rehabilitation and new construction.

Performing diverse architectural design for many types of primary and ancillary buildings. Notably, designs are developed for client specific needs from conceptual through final engineering. Our capabilities also include laboratory services.

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Boasting broad and successful experience functioning as key members of comprehensive design teams and performing mechanical/electrical systems analyses or studies.

Cintar’s electrical engineering staff has expertise in performing power system analyses to support project and code requirements.

Providing comprehensive design and permitting services. A small sampling of Cintar’s capabilities includes site grading, site drainage, utility trenching, on-site sewage connections and site restoration.

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Experience ranging from investigation to all aspects of structural and foundation engineering. For example, Cintar’s staff is experienced with classical and new structural materials and systems, and its designs are developed with the aid of 3D and Finite Element Software.

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Offering extensive experience with utility system investigations, analyses, designs and studies, both within building systems and across large proposed or existing project sites. Our engineers and planners have successfully completed many utility layout projects for the construction of new utility, institutional and commercial facilities.

Clients frequently engage Cintar for permit acquisitions, as part of their full service agreement. Cintar’s staff are experts in local, state and federal permit requirements.