Civil Engineering

Cintar Inc.’s Civil Department provides expertise in site designs associated with the development of new and existing facilities. Our CAD capabilities include AutoCAD, STAAD and Microstation Systems manned with experienced design personnel. An abbreviated list of Services provided include:

  • Sitework/Drainage
  • Sewer Systems
  • Pilings
  • Retention Ponds
  • Erosion and Sedimentation Control
  • Soil and Slope Stability
  • Retaining Walls
  • Concrete Inspections
  • E. Design Review
  • Bridges/Rails/Signage
  • Foundations/Trusses
  • Roadways/Garages/Parking Lots
Cintar Inc. Civil Engineering Services Pittsburgh

A Partial Listing of Civil Engineering Projects

Site Development consisted of the design of long overland segments for conveyors, pipelines, and gas line layout.  Scope consisted of design and layout of access roads, infrastructure requirements, road drainage, sediment traps and ponds, stream crossings, road surfacing and any Department of Transportation requirements associated with road and Right-of-Way egresses.

Industrial Site Development consists of revising or incorporating modifications into an existing facility.  These modifications include the permitting, storm water management, surfacing, water and sewer upgrades.

Design and development of Mine Facilities such as buildings, slopes, structures, access roads, warehouse, offices, and bathhouses.  The size of the space requirements usually required slope stability design, cut/fill bench area, stream and utility crossings, runoff drainage, infrastructure development from offsite to new location.

Design and development of cut/fill large well pads.  Scope included necessary impoundments for water storage and tank farms, design of runoff controls.

Design of access and haul roads for various sized equipment and traffic loads.  Scope consisted of the subbase development for design capacities, soil stabilization, slope stabilization, drainage, Erosion and Sediment Control, Surfacing and pavement design, and associated Highway Occupancy Permitting.

Our Permitting experience is associated with the Site Development Projects that have been undertaken.  The permitting includes the data gathering and surveying for the existing site, the investigations that are required per the type of permit that is required, the design and management of storm water, erosion and sediment control, post construction storm water management, NPDES, and various state and federal permits for egress.

Design of all types of foundations including shallow and deep foundations.  Foundations include the designs for equipment, buildings, retaining walls, vessels, tanks, stacks, structures and utility racks. Equipment foundations include both static and dynamic designs. Shallow foundations include strip footings, spread or isolated footings, combined footings, mat foundations and slab-on grade.  Deep foundations include piling (concrete, steel, timber), geopiers and stone columns. Other concrete structures designed include containment areas, underground structures (tunnels, bunkers) and concrete tanks (above and below grade).