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Cintar Connection Newsletter - Issue 1 - OSHA Revisions

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Issue 1 – OSHA Revisions

Introduction to Cintar Inc.’s Newsletter

Since the inception of Cintar Inc. in 1983, we have focused on the interests of our clients. We provide the consistent high quality service our clients deserve. And our latest creation is no different.

Given the ever-changing climate of rules, regulations, technology and trends, it can be difficult for our clients to keep up with or fully understand how these changes may affect them. At Cintar, we purposely select exceptional staff members. An aspect of being exceptional is keeping up-to-date in their field and helping our clients stay informed.

Cintar’s dedication to our clients led us to create the attached Cintar Connection newsletter. Our managerial team reviewed this first issue and selected the recipients they felt would benefit from its contents, revisions to OSHA Walking-Working Surfaces and Personal Fall Protection Systems regulations.

Cintar Connection will focus on what matters to Cintar’s valued clients. After you read our publication, pass it along to your colleagues. Our goal is to spread the wealth of knowledge of our staff so that our clients and their colleagues can benefit.


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